Cancellation Policy

P.S. Massage Clinic @ Therapeutic Elements has a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, you must notify us at least 24 hrs in advance to avoid a 100% cancellation fee applied to your account, credit card, gift certificate, or a massage from a series on file. To cancel or reschedule an appointment please call Therapeutic Elements at (540) 566-3771 to directly talk to us, or leave a voicemail. You can also email us at or message us on Facebook. Texting is not a valid form of communication and our phone number does not receive them. Therapeutic Elements values our clients time and we hope our clients values our time as well.

Appointment time Policy

For first time clients we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to ensure you receive the full massage time you reserved. Being on time for your appointments is essential in making sure you get the most out of your appointment. There is some paperwork that needs to be fill out prior to first appointment. 

In order to uphold our professional standards of being 'on time', we cannot give additional time if a client arrives late. If you the client has a 90 minute massage scheduled and you are late, we will not go over to give a 90 minute massage. We will do what we can in the time that is left, we will not give a discount or charge less for the massage. You will be charged for the 90 minute that was originally scheduled. Our time like yours is very valuable. If for any reason we are late starting your appointment you will receive the full scheduled time. Out of respect and consideration for your therapist, other customers and yourself, please plan accordingly and arrive 5-15 minutes before your appointment. 

Safety & Health Policy

Therapeutic Elements is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable massage therapy experience to our clients. Proper guidelines are always followed as set by industry standards and Virginia State law. A clients health history, areas they want worked on, massage pressure, comfort level of draping, massage area likes and dislikes, and room temperature are all taken into account when co-creating the overall massage experience. 

With COVID-19 we have new safety and health guidelines to follow. Virginia Executive Orders as of February 2, 2021 Massage centers must comply with the Guidelines for All Business Sectors and the sector-specific guidelines for personal care and personal grooming 6 services expressly incorporated by reference herein. Such guidance includes, but is not limited to, the following requirements:  

A. Service providers must maintain at least six feet of physical distancing between work stations.  

B. Service providers and employees must wear face coverings over their nose and mouth while working at their place of employment.  

C. Provide face coverings for clients or ask that clients bring a face covering with them, which they must wear during the service, except when treating the areas of the nose and mouth.  

D. Routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently contacted surfaces must be conducted every 60 minutes of operation. All personal care and personal grooming tools should be cleaned and disinfected after each use. If that is not possible, such items must be discarded.  

E. If any such business cannot adhere to these requirements, it must close. 

Zero Tolerance Policy

We are License professional with the state of Virginia and as such we have a zero tolerance for any sexual advances, request for sexual favors, making the insensitive "happy ending" joke, requests for no draping/exposing ones genitals during a session, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature will constitute as sexual harassment will not be tolerated. If any inappropriate contact occurs during a session, the session will end immediately and the client will be charged the full price of the session and banded from making any future appointments. When warranted a police report will be filed and charges pressed.